Project Twinkle

King Cobb Steelie

PHER CD 1025
October 30, 2012
  •           1.    Slump
  •           2.    Triple Oceanic Experience
  •           3.    Maynard
  •           4.    Italian Ufology Today
  •           5.    Gamblore/All Flights Go To Moscow
  •           6.    The Pollinator
  •           7.    80% Knockout
  •           8.    Lunar Rotisserie
  •           9.    Mano Ponderosa
  •           10.    Technique

Originally released in 1994 on the lunamoth label through EMI the 2nd album by Guelph, ON agit-dub provocateurs King Cobb Steelie is re-packaged, re-mastered and re-issued by Pheromone Recordings.

And not a moment too soon as recordings this stellar, this monumentally great, should never be out of print. Released at the peak of the early/mid 90’s wave of left leaning
independent Can-rock, Project Twinkle stood out for its mindwarp melding of 80s hardcore with jazz/dub/ambient/electronic motifs. Some key facts:
• 10 songs and 60 minutes of music produced and mixed by legendary sonic alchemist Bill Laswell, with a huge fat bottom end.
• Re-mastering by Joao Carvalho using the finest contemporary gear has taken the album to a new sonic level of excellence.
• Juno – nominated artwork by bassist Kevin Lynn has been converted to digipak from the original jewel case.
• A dub-wise Mad Professor remix of “Italian Ufology Today” is added as a bonus track.